St. Pierre Withdraws from Ward 5 Race; Endorses Oshry



[September 19, 2013]

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St. Pierre Withdraws from Ward 5 Race, Endorses Oshry

EDMONTON – This morning, Ward 5 City Council Candidate Dan St. Pierre announced his decision to withdraw from the running to replace Councillor Karen Leibovici. While Dan strongly believes he has the experience, capabilities and drive to successfully do the job, he has serious concerns about the potential consequences of an eight-way race.

For St. Pierre, from day one, this campaign has been about new ideas, fresh perspectives and selecting the right candidate to represent the Ward 5 community and its residents. While he feels that he is a strong contender, he believes there are others who are not and that his continued presence in this campaign may allow those individuals to benefit from a vote splitting situation.

“I think we have made a real impact, people have responded to my message and vision, but it is very similar to Michael Oshry’s. I have significant concerns about the quality and caliber of other candidates and my fear is that Michael and I will split some votes. If now is not my time, I would rather get behind a candidate with similar views and stop that split than carry on and give rise to a candidate that is not as representative of our community or as capable of doing the job. That’s why I have chosen to support Michael Oshry.”

Dan and Michael agree that tremendous progress is being made in our booming City but, there are also serious challenges that need to be addressed. Infrastructure and neighbourhood renewal, long-term financial sustainability and the relationship between Edmonton and the other orders of government will be key priorities in the next several years and we will require a strong partnership between our elected representatives and engaged citizens to tackle these issues.

Dan wants to extend his gratitude and well-wishes to everyone that came together and made his campaign possible. From financial contributors to volunteers and campaign staff, it took the cooperation and dedication of many individuals to achieve a great deal in a short period of time. Dan looks forward to continuing the work of building our communities and our City in a positive and sustainable way.


For more information, contact:


Dan St. Pierre, Candidate                                             Jed Johns, Campaign Manager

(780) 905-1544                                                             (780) 267-2880                                            

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Media Release: Dan St. Pierre Announces Vision for Edmonton


 July 22, 2013

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EDMONTON – Earlier today Ward 5 city council Candidate Dan St. Pierre rolled out significant updates to his campaign website, including a guiding document titled “City of Champions” which outlines his vision for the City of Edmonton.

Since his official campaign launch in May, Dan has been engaged in a continuing and growing conversation with the community to learn what residents believe should be top priorities. The former three-term board member at the Students’ Association of MacEwan University is applying what he has learned, as an elected advocate for three years, to work.

“People want to know that you are hearing them before they listen to you. Having door knocked a significant cross section of Ward 5, my team and I have listened and now we are ready to be heard,” stated Dan after another weekend of door-knocking and flyer drops in Ward 5.

Dan recognizes that “good enough” is no longer good enough for Edmontonians. He is excited about the big projects, like the LRT and the Arena, which have the potential to transform the City. At the same time, he recognizes there are some serious financial challenges we need to solve.

“I am very excited to see the impact of the visionary projects and some of the proposed developments which offer unique architecture and seek to encourage diversity, culture and community interaction. But the City’s debt has exploded, property taxes are increasing annually and perpetually and we have billions in infrastructure spending to do over the next decade but not near enough funding identified to do it.”

The central theme of “City of Champions” is balanced progress. Raising taxes every year and continuing to grow our debt is not sustainable, but we cannot stop progress or stifle growth in Edmonton. “Many Edmontonians have said to me that they are seriously concerned about how we are going to pay for the long list of projects already in front of City Council. Edmonton is a fantastic place to live, but growing unaffordable for many.”

Dan knows from his experience working as a financial services manager that debt financing long-term projects at low-interest rates can be positive, but there is a limit. “When elected, I want to work with Council, the other orders of government and our Capital Region partners to find ways to finance our long-term sustainability more efficiently and give the tax-payer some breathing room.”

Specific information on Dan’s vision can be found at


For more information, contact:

Dan St. Pierre, Candidate                                             Jed Johns, Campaign Manager

(780) 905-1544                                                          (780) 267-2880                                           

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Edmonton Sun: Edmonton Ward 5 candidates hope to be part of a new council (July 21, 2013)

Edmonton Sun: Edmonton Ward 5 candidates hope to be part of a new council

Dan was able to offer some thoughts to the Edmonton Sun regarding the Ward 5 council race. Read them here:

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